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White Wine 5 Gallon Kits

The making of white wine is a hobby, or obsession, that dates back over 2,500 years and takes place across almost all of the countries of Europe, American and Oceania. White wine ranges in colour from straw yellow to yellow green and is made from grapes that have non-coloured pulp. Our home wine making kits feature some of the superstar grapes from around the world and produce the best wines with the minimal work.

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Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits£46.98  (5)

Cellar 7 Wine Kits

Cellar 7 Wine Kits£31.98  (1)

Cantina Chardonnay Wine Kit

Cantina Chardonnay Wine Kit£31.44

Cantina Pinot Grigio Wine Kit

Cantina Pinot Grigio Wine Kit£31.44  (2)

Cantina White Wine Kit

Cantina White Wine Kit£31.44

Magnum Medium Dry White Wine Kit

Magnum Medium Dry White Wine Kit£18.72  (1)

Magnum Pinot Grigio Wine Kit

Magnum Pinot Grigio Wine Kit£18.72  (1)

Sake - Koji Kin Home Brew Kit

Sake - Koji Kin Home Brew Kit£12.96  (1)


Page 1 of 1:    37 Items

Wine Making Kits Big names

Beaverdale Wine Kits

One of the biggest names in the wine kit industry is Beaverdale. Perhaps the oldest producer of wine kits in the UK and still one of the bestselling, Beaverdale produce a range of white wine kits that cover all the main grapes.

Their kits can be in the glass as in as little as week, though the longer they are fermented, the fuller the taste produced.

Their kits include:

Sauvignon Blanc – one of the mainstays of the white wine world, a great wine on its own and a terrific blender with others. Sweetness; dry

Zinfandel White – mellow, fruity wine that leaves a floral aftertaste that is highly distinctive. Sweetness; dry

Chardonnay – crisp white with a well balanced flavour and a lingering aftertaste. Sweetness; dry

Gewurztraminer – spicy wine with a perfumed bouquet, this wine is dry but has a slightly sweet aftertaste. Sweetness; dry

Pinot Grigio – dry wine with a touch of acidity as well as a floral fragrance that makes it a perfect social wine. Sweetness; dry

Solomon Grundy

Are another producer of wine kits that have an international reputation for their quality as well as speed of product. Their kits guarantee a great wine in just seven days following extensive scientific testing to achieve this. All that is needed is fermenting sugar and water in addition to the kit. We stock the following varieties; Gold Chardonnay, Gold Piesporter, medium Dry and Medium Sweet.

Australian Blend Wine Kit Range

is a great choice If you are a fan of Australian wines, then the Australian Blend range may be perfect for you. These wines are also 7 day kits so just a week’s wait is needed to get perfect wine and each kit makes around 23 litres. Their range include the Australian White, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio kits.

Ultra-premium Kenridge White Wine Kits

For a wine kit to be described as ultra-premium, it has to be something a little bit special and the kits produced by KenRidge was just that.

Elegant and sophisticated wines from around the world are produced by their kits, though they do take longer than other brands. Usually, fermenting requires around six weeks for perfection but the wines produced are worth the wait. Of the many kits in their range, we stock the following and can order in others besides:

Sauvignon blanc – the classic wine from flavourful New Zealand grapes, this has the aroma of fresh cut grass along with gooseberry, asparagus, passion fruit, melon and even citrus notes.

This wine is best drank when first finished fermenting and is excellent with goat’s cheese, summer salads and chicken served with lemon and herbs

Pinot Grigio – this is a crisp and fresh wine with a gentle floral bouquet that uses a range of tropical flavours and a hint of spice. It is light and elegant so can be enjoyed on its own or with a meal, particularly with shellfish or lightly spiced chicken

White Wine Kit Conclusion

White wine is one of the most varied styles of drink available and there is something to suit every taste bud in these kits, from the traditional European flavours to the modern Australian or New Zealand tastes. These kits also range from the short fermentation to much longer projects so why not get started on a few at a time and have a steady stream of new tastes to try?