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Rose Wine 5 Gallon Kits

Rose wine is possibly the oldest type of wine made in the world due to the simplicity of its creation process. Rose wine gets its colour from the skins of the grapes but not enough for it to become a red wine with colours ranging from pale orange to a vivid near-purple shade. The colour is dictated by the method used to make the wine as well as the grapes used. It can also be still, semi sparkling or sparkling and range in sweetness from the very dry Provencal to the sweet White Zinfandels.

While all this may sound a little complicated, the joy of using a wine making kit is that all of this is taken from your hands. You simply pick from one of the delicious kits we stock and in a short time, have a quantity of your favourite rose wine, waiting for your glass.

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Page 1 of 1:    17 Items

Mondego European Rose Wine Kit

In France, rose wine was made widely before red wine in notable areas such as Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy.

Today, around two thirds of all the wine in the Provence region are rose wines and are renowned for their food pairings with the local Mediterranean cuisine.

The Mondego Reserve Medium Dry Rose is an example of a wine made with quality European grapes and produces around 30 bottles of high quality wine. It is ready in as little as 14 days and requires just 3.5kg of sugar and water to create with the contents of the kit.

Australian Blend Rose Wine Kit

In many places around the world, the same grapes are used to create the rose wine as are used in the red wines. One such example of this would be the Australian Blend Merlot Blush Rose kit that produces around 23 litres of high quality wine in just seven days. All that is needed to create a crisp, new world style rose wine is water and the end product has the same hints of plum and other ripe fruits found in Merlot wines.

Similarly, our Australian blend Shiraz actually mixes both Shiraz grapes and merlot grape to give the best balanced rose wine. The plum notes of the merlot works perfectly with the crisply balanced white grapes of the Shiraz and create a drink that is best served well chilled after just seven days fermentation.

Beaverdale Zinfandel Wine Kit

Zinfandel is one of the best known types of rose wine and is well represented in the wine making kits range we stock. Beaverdale, the UKs oldest producer of home wine kits, have created a Blush wine in the style of the Zinfandel that is light and refreshing while retaining the off-dry sweetness.

Similarly, Solomon Grundy have created a Gold Chablis Blush in the Zinfandel style that has subtle flavours and body despite being ready to drink in just a week.

Cantia Rose Wine kit

We also stock a number of good all-rounders in the rose category, great wines that work well with food or without it. One such is the Cantina Rose kit, which produces 21 litres of wine in just five days using specialised yeast strains and their secrets nutrients. This means that the wine is produced in the quickest time but loses nothing in flavour and quality.

Magnum Rose making kit

takes a little longer to create the end product, at around two weeks but the end result is worth the wait. It also makes up around 5 gallons of great rose wine.

Rose Wine Making Kits Conclusion

Often rose wine is the middle ground, the one people turn to when they are unsure whether white or red is the right wine for the occasion. With its fruity taste and gentle sweetness from grapes such as the Zinfandel, it makes a great wine to enjoy while sitting with friends or with a meal.