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Red Wine 5 Gallon Kits

Red wines are made from the dark coloured or black varieties of grapes. They can range in colours from intense violets to brick reds and even brown shades for the oldest wines. When it comes to home brewing kits, there are kits in our stock that make the most famous names of wine from around the world. From merlots to Shiraz, there are kits for every taste.

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Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits£46.98  (5)

Beaverdale Merlot Wine Kit, 5 Gallon

Beaverdale Merlot Wine Kit, 5 Gallon£40.98  (3)

Beaverdale Nebbilo Wine Kit 5 Gallon

Beaverdale Nebbilo Wine Kit 5 Gallon£40.98  (2)

Beaverdale Rojo Tinto Wine Kit, 5 Gallon

Beaverdale Rojo Tinto Wine Kit, 5 Gallon£40.98  (2)

Beaverdale Shiraz Wine Kit, 5 Gallon

Beaverdale Shiraz Wine Kit, 5 Gallon£40.98  (3)

Cellar 7 Wine Kits

Cellar 7 Wine Kits£31.98  (1)

Cantina Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit

Cantina Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit£31.44  (1)

Cantina Montecino Wine Kit

Cantina Montecino Wine Kit£31.44  (1)

Cantina Red Wine Kit

Cantina Red Wine Kit£31.44  (1)

Australian style Blend, Merlot Wine Kit

Australian style Blend, Merlot Wine Kit£30.72  (1)

Solomon Grundy Gold Merlot Wine Kit 5g

Solomon Grundy Gold Merlot Wine Kit 5g£23.76  (1)

WineBuddy Merlot Wine Kit 30 Bottles

WineBuddy Merlot Wine Kit 30 Bottles£22.56  (1)

Magnum Medium Dry Red Wine Kit

Magnum Medium Dry Red Wine Kit£18.72  (1)

Page 1 of 1:    40 Items

Beaverdale Red Wine Kits

Beaverdale is one of the UK’s original home brewing kit makers and is still high on the list of the bestselling. Their kits are simple to use and all they need is water adding to quickly start making wine. Though the longer they are left, the better they taste, the wine from these kits has a finished, full taste after just one week. In their range are the following types of red wine:

Merlot – known for its softness, merlot is often mixed with other grapes to make some of the best red wines in the world. Sweetness: dry

Barolla – robust wine with a hint of violet and a pungent aftertaste, this wine has a good depth of colour. Sweetness: dry

Sauvignon – this grape creates complex and full bodied wines that have an intense taste and splendid fragrance. They are high in tannin and have a velvety finish. Sweetness; dry

Cabernet Shiraz – full bodied red that has blackcurrant flavours from the Cabernet as well as blue plum and spice notes from the Shiraz grapes. It has delicate tannins and a rich fruity style that means it works well with any mean. Sweetness; dry

Rioja – this is a blending of around a dozen different grapes to create a Spanish wine that ages exceptionally well. Sweetness; dry

California Red – this wine blends the Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignane grapes to give a wine that is full of flavour and deep in colour as well as a great accompaniment to food. Sweetness; dry

Other Red Wine Making Kits

Solomon Grundy

are another big name in wine kits that we stock. These kits start fermenting the wine from the first day they are made and can be drank at seven days old. Currently we stock their medium dry, gold merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon wine kits that all work on this principle.

Cellar 7 Red Wine Kits

Another brand of wine kits that produce great quality wine that can be drank after just 7 days fermenting. No fermenting sugar is needed for these kits and they make use of the best European grape concentrates, to which water alone is added. Their range include cabernet sauvignon, Italian red, Merlot and Shiraz in the red wine department.

Kenridge Showcase Wine Kits

For those with premium wine tastes, the KenRidge Showcase wines create distinctive and unique wines that capture the conditions of the country the grapes originate from perfectly. These wines take a little longer to reach perfection and we stock the following red:

Australia Cabernet Sauvignon – deep ruby in colour, flavoured with blackcurrant, eucalyptus and cedar. Excellent with wild game, steaks and roast beef.

Australia Cabernet Shiraz – full bodied wine with fruits such as plum and blackberry. Excellent with beef tenderloin and spicy red meat.

Chilean Merlot – a soft and rounded slightly sweet wine featuring blackberries. Excellent as a sipping wine with roasts and prime ribs.

Italian Amarone – almost black in its colour, with spice and dried berries in the flavour. Excellent with strong pasta dishes, braised meats and beef stews.

Chilean Malbec – hardy red with blackberry, liquorice and spices. Excellent with beef stews and pizza.

Red Wine Making Kits Conclusion

From seven day kits to six week kits, our range of wine making kits to use at home is extensive and offers wine from the top wine-producing regions around the world as well as best types of grapes known.