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Real Ale Kits

Real ale is also known as cask ale when it comes from breweries because it is unfiltered and unpasteurised as well as being conditioned, usually a secondary fermentation.

What this means when it comes to home brew kits is that you can create your own genuine real ale in a variety of finishes using the simple contents of one of the many beer kits we stock.

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American Amber Ale Beer Kit

American Amber Ale Beer Kit£24.72  (1)

American Oaked Rum Ale Beer Kit

American Oaked Rum Ale Beer Kit£24.72  (1)

American Pale Ale Beer Kit

American Pale Ale Beer Kit£24.72

Aldershot Ale Beer Kit

Aldershot Ale Beer Kit£24.60

Courage Directors Beer Kit 36 Pints

Courage Directors Beer Kit 36 Pints£23.94  (1)

Bad Cat Imperial Red - Bulldog Beer Kit

Bad Cat Imperial Red - Bulldog Beer Kit£23.76  (1)

St. Peters Golden Ale Beer kit

St. Peters Golden Ale Beer kit£21.00  (1)

Woodfordes Bure Gold Beer Kit

Woodfordes Bure Gold Beer Kit£19.20

Woodfordes Nelsons Beer Kit

Woodfordes Nelsons Beer Kit£19.20  (2)

Woodfordes Nog Beer Kit

Woodfordes Nog Beer Kit£19.20

Woodfordes Wherry Beer Kit

Woodfordes Wherry Beer Kit£19.20  (1)

Black Rock Pale Ale Beer Kit

Black Rock Pale Ale Beer Kit£15.96  (1)

Muntons Nut Brown Beer Kit

Muntons Nut Brown Beer Kit£15.96

Coopers Real Ale Beer Kit

Coopers Real Ale Beer Kit£10.98

Simply Pale Ale Beer Kit

Simply Pale Ale Beer Kit£10.20


Page 1 of 1:    59 Items

Home Brew Real Ale Kit Basics

The real ale kits we stock all work generally in the same way. Letís take the Milestone Dark Galleon beer kit as an example: it contains enough ingredients to make 40 pints that will be around 4.5% ABV and doesnít need any fermentables, only priming sugar.

The kit contains malt barley extract, hop extract and brewing yeast and works perfectly with any of our range of basic equipment sets and will contain the exact instructions in the kit to get you going.

Once you have selected your kit and your started equipment set, the only other thing you will need are Priming Drops.

We sell 160-gram bags that contain around 80 drops and usually two drops are used per 500ml bottle.

These drops can be used on a range of home brewing kits and are added to carbonate beers, ciders and lagers.

Brew in a bag beer kit

If you donít know if you are ready to invest in full kit for home brewing, then why not consider the Moonshine Cheese Makers Beer Kit in a Bag.

This kit just needs water and creates around 25 pints of real ale at 4.2% ABV.

It works by creating the beer in the bag and it is simply poured from the dispenser on the bag. It follows two years development with Nottingham University to ensure consistent results, time after time.

All the colours in a home brew

One of the great things about real ale is that there are plenty of different colours and variations to try.

From amber and pale ale kits to oaked rum ale there are a wide range of styles of ale available to suit every taste and occasion.

Here are a few examples:-

The American Amber Ale Beer Kit

contains everything needed for 40 pints of amber coloured ale and has a kick to it at 5.4% ABV.

It even uses three different hops from around the world to give it a unique flavour; Pacific Jade hops from New Zealand, Summit and Cluster from the United States. The kit creates a beer with a taste described as mixing pine sap, grapefruit and spicy blackcurrants and pours with an off white rocky head.

The Ruby Red ale kit

comes from the St Peters Brewery, based in the Suffolk town of Bungay. St Peters have been brewing since 1280 and continue the tradition of malted beers that has been created in the town since the times of Henry VIII. The kit creates a deep ruby red ale will a full flavour and needs no fermenting sugar, only water.

Muntons Premium Gold Old Conkerwood Ale Beer Kit

produces one of the darkest ales of our kits. The Old Conkerwood has a black colour with an aromatic, hoppy character to the drink and is made from English 2-row barley and English hops. It creates a pint that will take you straight to mental image of a rural village pub with a balanced flavour and needs no fermenting sugar to create.

>h4>Real Ale ConclusionFrom the light amber ales to the black traditional English ales, you will have great enjoyment working through and trying the different ales available through our real ale kits. The hardest part will be restraining yourself to just one at a time!