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Lager Kits

Home brewing has been around for thousands of years and is the root of the modern brewing industry. At one point in countries such as the UK and USA, home brewing was illegal but these restrictions have been lifted in the 1960s and 1970s leading to an expansion in the home brewing kits industry.

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Page 1 of 1:    22 Items

Lager Home Brewing Beer Making Kits

Making lager at home requires a start up kit of essential pieces of equipment, a kit to create the particular type of beer you require and water. The good news is that when it comes to making your own home brew there are different kits that you can go for. This is great news because it means that whatever your personal tastes are, there will be something to suit you and your needs. Have a browse through the selection of lager kit we have, you're bound to find something that catches your eye.

Lager Starter Kit is a good place to start

If you are new to home brewing, the Cooper DIY Starter Kit is the ideal kit to get started. It contains:

  • 1 x 30 litre plastic fermenter lid
  • A tap and washer
  • Bottling valve and tube
  • Beer enhancer
  • Carbonation drops
  • LCD Thermometer
  • Hydrometer and Jar
  • 44 x 500ml plastic bottles
  • Plastic spoon
  • 1 x 1.75kg can of Coopers Lager Home Brew Kit
  • The kit also contains an instructional DVD to show how to use the different parts of the kit.

The Kilner Lager Starter Kit is the other major start up kit we stock. This makes around 40 pints of lager and includes sterilisers, a hydrometer, thermometer and a siphon. This kit also works with bottles and comes with a 35cm bottle brush, 50 crown caps and a knock on bottle capper to make authentic bottles of beer. There is a full instructions leaflet in the kit.

Home Brew Extras

Maxale Priming Drops work to carbonate home brewed lagers and typically use two drops per 500ml bottle. This pack contains around 80 drops and are made of sugar and glucose.

Lager Kits

The good thing about home brewing kits is there are now enough different types available that there is something for every taste. There are also a range of gluten-free beers for those who intolerances to some of the normal beer ingredients from the Gone with the Wheat Brand.

Kilners Home Brewing Lager Beer kit will make around 4o pints of all malt beer with no added sugar needed at an ABV of 4.1%. It includes malt barley and hop extract as well as varietal brewing yeast for a real lager taste.

Coopers European Lager creates what is classified as a Northern European beer that has an herbaceous hob aroma and a crisp finish. It is best served in a tall narrow glass with around 5cm foam on top. The kit makes around 40 pints.

Cortex Gold Mexican Cerveza is a kit to create a light coloured beer that has good bitterness and is refreshing, best served cold. There is no extract sugar needed to produce around 40 pints at an ABV of 4.3%

Better Brew offer a number of kits with different flavoured beers to be created. One such is the Bandit Brew Tequila and Lime that creates a light Mexican style beer that has flavours of lime and tequila while the Export Lager kit is a classic, medium hopped lager at around 4.6% ABV.

So there you have it, there really is something to suit everyone. We're proud of our range of lager kits and are certain that there will be something for you. If you do have any questions about our products then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to advise.