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Gluten Free Beer Kits for Home Brewing

Gluten free beer is a beer that doesn’t contain something called glycoproteins. This means that anyone who suffers from a gluten intolerance such as celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis can drink these beers without fear of a reaction.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

Gluten Free Beer Kits for Home Brewing

Generally, gluten free beer kits make use of a malt substitute such as sweet sorghum syrup and add other sugars to give the right taste such as honey or malted buckwheat. This means it is possible to make gluten free beer at home without the concern of any ingredients that can cause a reaction.

In the past people with a gluten intolerance have missed out on the chance to try many beers and make their own at home, but we wanted to change this - hence the introduction of our gluten free beer kits. These kits are easy to follow and fun to make, so there is no need for anyone with an intolerance to gluten to miss out anymore.

Gluten free beer kits uses sorghum extract, genuine brewer’s yeast and a hop extract to make around 40 pints or 5 gallons of the beer. No extra sugar is needed for this kit and simply adding water and fermenting will produce a beer that is around 5% ABV. Fermentation takes around 7 days and condition time is around four weeks.

What is needed to make a gluten free beer kit?

Making beer at home is a simple process with just a few important items needed to do the job. Firstly, a fermenting bin will be needed to ferment the beer in and with these kits, a 30-litre one is recommended. A pressure barrel or pet bottles are also required to store the beer in until it is ready to drink and these should be able to hold the 5 gallons of beer that each kit will make.

Syphon equipment is needed to get the beer from the fermenter to the bottles or the barrel chosen to ferment in while a hydrometer is necessary to check the gravity of the beer at start and finish. Having an LCD thermometer is also helpful to ensure the right temperature is being used, around 16 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Beer is made up from 95% water and while tap water can be used, it is recommended that chlorine be removed before being used as this can change the taste of the beer. Have a steriliser ready when you have finished your beer to clean all the equipment ready for the next go!

Gone with the Wheat Beer Kit Range

Gone with the Wheat are the primary creator of gluten-free beer kits and we have 5x different options from their range. They all make the same amount of beer and use the same basic ingredients and equipment to produce the different flavours. These are:-

  1. English Bitter Gluten Free Beer Kit
    English bitter needs little introduction – this is the pale ale that comes from gold to dark amber and is found in a wide variety across the pubs of the country.
  2. Czech style Lager Gluten Free Beer Kit
    Czech style lager, also known as Pilsner, is a pale lager that is golden in colour with a lighter flavour than other Pilsners as well as being foamier.
  3. German Pilsner Lager Gluten Free Beer Kit
    German Pilsner is lighter than the Czech version with a light straw to golden colour and is said to have an earthier or bitter taste.
  4. Strawberry Blonde Beer Gluten Free Beer Kit
    Strawberry flavoured beer is a newer idea that combines a medium-bodied beer with the fruit flavouring for a fresh taste
  5. USA style Lager Gluten Free Beer Kit
    This is a US style lager than has a light colour and also a delicate citrus hop flavour