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Beer Themed Birthday Party

Monday, 11 August 2014  |  Admin

Beer Themed Birthday Party

As it's one of our team's birthday this week, we thought we'd trawl the world wide web to find our favourite ideas for a Beer Mug themed birthday party - we particularly like a classic dimpled beer mug - so whether it's a Bitter Kit, a Real Ale Kit or a Mild Home Brew Kit you favour, we hope you enjoy our fun blog post this week. Read on!

There are a LOT of quite shoddy looking beer mug birthday cakes on the internet, believe us, we tried to find a really fine looking specimen for you, and the best one we came across didn't reveal the source of the image - so if anyone would like to post their own favourite cake photo on our facebook page, please do so here!

If you're not up for MAKING a beer mug shaped cake, you could always simply add some cake toppers like these rather fun shaped hand cut toppers - look pretty simple to have a go at making ourselves!

We thought these beer mug shaped crocheted covers for soft drinks were a lot of fun... This crocheted beer mug has a functional handle and makes your can of pop look like... well... a beer!


Now these beer mug shaped cakes filled with Bailey's (yes really!) are a real winner - personally, we'd like to make a Black Forest Gateau version with some cherry brandy!

We love these beer mug shaped cookies -
if we could only just find some cookie cutters in this shape, we'd have a go ourselves! 


More fun fondant cake toppers, these look like they could even be made from marzipan... 


And how fun are these! A beer mug, filled with sweeties, topped with a frothy head made from marshmallows of all things!
Looks very effective (and would actually be a most excellent Father's Day gift)


And finally, if you are feeling photogenic, grab your home brew in one hand, and one of these photobooth props in the other and get snapping! Happy Beer Themed Birthday!