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Bitter Beer Kits

Bitter is a beer style that has a great variety of different colours, strengths and flavours. There are also a range of different types of bitters that are usually categorised by the Alcohol by Volume rating they are given.

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Geordie Bitter Beer Kit

Geordie Bitter Beer Kit£10.98  (2)

American Amber Ale Beer Kit

American Amber Ale Beer Kit£24.72  (1)

American Oaked Rum Ale Beer Kit

American Oaked Rum Ale Beer Kit£24.72  (1)

Coopers Dark Ale Beer Kit

Coopers Dark Ale Beer Kit£10.98

Geordie Scottish Export Beer Kit

Geordie Scottish Export Beer Kit£10.98  (1)

Geordie Yorkshire Bitter Beer Kit

Geordie Yorkshire Bitter Beer Kit£10.98  (1)

John Bull Best Bitter Beer Kit

John Bull Best Bitter Beer Kit£12.96

Muntons Gold Old English Bitter Beer Kit

Muntons Gold Old English Bitter Beer Kit£20.70  (1)

Muntons Yorkshire Bitter Beer Kit

Muntons Yorkshire Bitter Beer Kit£15.96  (1)

Youngs Harvest Bitter Beer Kit

Youngs Harvest Bitter Beer Kit£11.40

Youngs Harvest Scottish Heavy Beer Kit

Youngs Harvest Scottish Heavy Beer Kit£11.40  (1)

Blackwater Bitter Beer Kit

Blackwater Bitter Beer Kit£24.60

Courage Directors Beer Kit 36 Pints

Courage Directors Beer Kit 36 Pints£23.94  (1)

Harris Beer Brite

Harris Beer Brite£0.96

Simply Bitter Beer Kit

Simply Bitter Beer Kit£10.20

Yule Brew Bulldog Beer Kit

Yule Brew Bulldog Beer Kit£23.76


Page 1 of 1:    59 Items

Bitter Beer Kits for Home Brewing

Bitter started off as an English drink but has now spread around the world and American bitter is found alongside the many regional varieties of English bitter. Here are some of the kits available, which all make use of the basic start up equipment kits that we stock, such as the Kilner Bitter Starter Kit.

Making your own bitter can be a fun way to spend time as well as creating a drink that is perfect for you. We're proud to have a range of bitter beer kits for you to choose from on our website, which helps to ensure that whatever you are looking for there is something to suit you and your needs perfectly. Can't see what you're looking for? Get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help!

Milestone Beer Kits

Milestone are a Brewers based in Newark, Nottinghamshire who produce a range of different bitter kits for the home brewer. These include:

  • Dark Galleon Beer - a rich and smooth English bitter, the kit needs only priming sugar to produce 40 pints at an ABV 4.5%
  • Green Man Beer Kit - a light and golden ale that is flavoured with citrus notes
  • Lions Pride Beer Kit - copper coloured session ale that is well balanced and required no fermenting sugar to create
  • Loxley Ale Beer Kit - this is a full and rounded ale that has delicate sweetness created by the honey in the mixture
  • Shine On Beer Kit - a light session ale with a zesty taste


Youngs Beer kits

Youngs is one of the largest producers of home brewing kits in the country and operates from the Midlands. They have been in the brewing business since 1968 and have a number of kits available.

  • Harvest Bitter - this is their traditional, hopped bitter that has a lingering bitterness and an ABV of 4.2%. 1kg of fermenting sugar is needed for this kit to produce around 40 pints
  • Harvest Scottish Heavy - less hoppy than the Bitter kit, the Scottish Heavy is higher in alcohol at 5.4% ABV and offers a very distinctive flavour
  • Harvest Yorkshire Bitter - this too has a high ABV than the Bitter with a smooth and refreshing taste and full bodied flavour.


Coopers Beer Kits

Coopers is a brewing company based in Australia that creates a range of beers from around the world and has transformed this knowledge into their brewing kits.

  • Classic Old Ale Beer Kit - this kit makes use of superior roasted malts from the best South Australian two-row barley to create a dark and full of flavour beer. The kit also allows for the adjustment of the ABV by altering the amount of wort added at the beginning of the proves, giving the brewer maximum control
  • English Bitter Beer Kit - this kit is used to create a style of beer that has been around in England since the 1800s, a pale ale with copper colouring, red hues and a creamy head when poured. It also has a gentle floral aroma from the sweet malt flavours and can be served just under chilled if required.


Other Beer kit ranges

We also stock a range of other brands that can offer the whole range of bitters from the lightest to the darkest and from fruity light bitters to heavy traditional ones. Whatever your taste in bitter, there will be the perfect beer kit for you.