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Barrels / Dispensing Home Brew Equipment

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Cap Washer for 2'' Lid's

Cap Washer for 2" Lid's£1.08

Screw in lever Tap

Screw in lever Tap£3.48  (1)

Mini Keg 5 L Grey Plain + Bung

Mini Keg 5 L Grey Plain + Bung£7.86  (1)

CO2 Bulbs pack of 10

CO2 Bulbs pack of 10£4.44  (2)

Mini Keg Bung

Mini Keg Bung£0.90  (1)

Black Inlet Valve Rubber

Black Inlet Valve Rubber£0.48

Valve Base Washer

Valve Base Washer£0.60  (1)

Valve Safety Washer, Brown

Valve Safety Washer, Brown£0.54

Mini Keg Stater Kit

Mini Keg Stater Kit£81.96  (1)

10 ltr Cubitainer / Polypin£8.60

10 Ltr Wine Dispenser / Bag In Box

10 Ltr Wine Dispenser / Bag In Box£4.92  (1)

20 ltr Cubitainer / Polypin£13.92

3 Tap, Beer Tap Tower

3 Tap, Beer Tap Tower£105.00

Champagne Cages x 25 pack

Champagne Cages x 25 pack£3.00

Cornelius Dip Tube O ring

Cornelius Dip Tube O ring£0.54

Cornelius O ring for Cap

Cornelius O ring for Cap£2.40

Cornelius Post O ring

Cornelius Post O ring£0.60

Disconnect (Black, Beer) New

Disconnect (Black, Beer) New£6.96

Disconnect (Gray CO2) New£6.96

Drum (knob Type) Tap

Drum (knob Type) Tap£4.98  (2)

Four Tap Beer Tower

Four Tap Beer Tower£122.98

Hambleton Bard Inlet Valve

Hambleton Bard Inlet Valve£7.62

Inlet Valve Rubber ( Orange)

Inlet Valve Rubber ( Orange)£0.54

Keg Beer Filter 10''

Keg Beer Filter 10"£30.00

Latstock Barrel Float

Latstock Barrel Float£5.70

Long plastic spoon

Long plastic spoon£1.32

Mini Keg Co2 Bulbs 15.5g x 10

Mini Keg Co2 Bulbs 15.5g x 10£12.00

Mini Keg Co2 Injector and Tap

Mini Keg Co2 Injector and Tap£48.00  (1)

Rotokeg 5 gallon Barrel WITH S30 Valve

Rotokeg 5 gallon Barrel WITH S30 Valve£54.00  (1)

Safety Valve Rubber(Yellow)

Safety Valve Rubber(Yellow)£0.54

Spare Back Nut for Taps

Spare Back Nut for Taps£0.72

Spare Cotton 1 Micro Filter£2.52

Spare Pet Bottle Cap

Spare Pet Bottle Cap£0.18

Sparkler Tap with Disconnect

Sparkler Tap with Disconnect£28.20

Straining bag with cord

Straining bag with cord£6.24

Tap Washer (Black)

Tap Washer (Black)£0.72

Two Tap Beer Tower

Two Tap Beer Tower£75.00

Valve Inlet Rubber (Purple)

Valve Inlet Rubber (Purple)£0.54


Page 1 of 1:    77 Items