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Apple Cider Making Kits

Apple cider is known to be a simple and inexpensive drink to produce and has many traditional associations, including Halloween, New Yearís Eve and Thanksgiving in the US. It is served heated and mulled at Christmas and is the official state beverage of New Hampshire.

The main problem with much of the cider made by a variety of home means is that it can have a short shelf life. This problem is alleviated when using a home brewing cider kit and all that is needed to do so is basic cider making equipment just as in a Cider Starter kit to make your first batch.

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Bulldog Brews Cider Kits

Bulldog Brews Cider Kits£21.96

WobblyGob Elderflower Cider Kit

WobblyGob Elderflower Cider Kit£21.48  (1)

Black Rock Cider Kit

Black Rock Cider Kit£21.00

Magnum Apple Cider Kit

Magnum Apple Cider Kit£18.72

On The Rocks Cider Kits

On The Rocks Cider Kits£16.98

BrewBuddy Cider Home Brew Kit

BrewBuddy Cider Home Brew Kit£16.00

Samsons Cider Kit 40 Pints

Samsons Cider Kit 40 Pints£15.00

John Bull Cider Kit

John Bull Cider Kit£12.96  (1)


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What is a cider starter kit?

The starter kit, such as the Kilner Cider Starter Kit we stock, is a collection of essential equipment needed to produce the perfect cider from the kits available.

We chose Kilner for this vital piece of equipment because they are specialists in making home brewing equipment for cider, beer, wine and a range of other beverages.

This particular starter kit even includes a 40 pint cider kit and the only thing needed to get started are the bottles to put the finished product into.

What is contains:-

100g steriliser

Trial jar



Bottle Brush

Mixing Spoon


Crown Caps

Knock on bottle Crown Capper

25 litre fermentation bucket

Full instructions

The only other thing that is required for some kits that isnít in the Kilner kit are priming drops, of which we sell packets from Maxale. Each packet contains around 80 drops and only two are needed for a 500ml bottle.

Once you have used the 40 pint kit that comes with the Starter Kit, we also have the restock available in the Kilner Home Brewing Cider Making Kit. This means there isnít the need to buy another starter kit to get the same great cider and doesnít need fermenting sugar to do its job. The kit contains cider apple concentrate, sugar, glucose syrup, sweetener E950, diammonium phosphate and varietal cider yeast.

Other Cider kits

Once you have finished with the cider Starter Kit, you may fancy the challenge of something different and we stock a number of other brands of cider kits. This means there are ranges of different variations of the same great drink to be experienced.

John Bull Cider Kit

On The Rocks Apple Cider kit

makes use of apple concentrate and a large fruit add-back pack to give the maximum flavour. The kit makes around 40 pints and needs just 1kg of brewing sugar for the fermentation process.

Bulldog pride themselves that the cider produced from the Bulldog Brews kits is the same quality as commercial grade ciders available at the pub or supermarket. The kit uses water and a touch of sugar when kegging or bottling if sparkling cider is required and makes up around 23 litres of 4.5% ABV apple cider.

Apple Cider Kits Conclusion

Cider is a refreshing pint that is easy to drink and has a unique taste. Being able to make your own cider using these simple cider making kits means that you will have the satisfaction of serving a drink you have created yourself along with the peace of mind that the standard of the drink is no different to your local pub.