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Hop Bag - Muslin

Hop Bag - Muslin£0.36

Safale S-04, English Ale Yeast

Safale S-04, English Ale Yeast£2.28  (1)


Airlock£0.90  (2)

Lalvin Champagne Yeast - EC-1118

Lalvin Champagne Yeast - EC-1118£1.26  (2)

Maris Otter Pale Malt Crushed

Maris Otter Pale Malt Crushed£1.20  -  £33.00

Brewing Sugar 1kg

Brewing Sugar 1kg£1.98  (1)

Cellar 7 Wine Kits

Cellar 7 Wine Kits£31.98  (1)

Rubber Bung for Demijohn Bored

Rubber Bung for Demijohn Bored£0.60  (2)

VWP steriliser 400g

VWP steriliser 400g£4.56  (3)

Harris Beer Brite

Harris Beer Brite£0.96

Safale US-05, Beer Yeast

Safale US-05, Beer Yeast£2.58  (1)

Nylon Bag - Ultra Fine mesh 24'' x 24''

Nylon Bag - Ultra Fine mesh 24" x 24"£6.00  (1)

Coopers Carbonation Drops

Coopers Carbonation Drops£3.00  (1)

Pilsner Malt Crushed

Pilsner Malt Crushed£1.38  -  £39.00

Crown Caps - Gold

Crown Caps - Gold£2.28

Crown Caps - Yellow

Crown Caps - Yellow£2.28

Home Brew Gift Voucher

Home Brew Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £300.00  (8)

Beaverdale Shiraz Wine Kit, 5 Gallon

Beaverdale Shiraz Wine Kit, 5 Gallon£39.42  (2)

Black Rock Pale Ale Beer Kit

Black Rock Pale Ale Beer Kit£15.96  (1)

CaraAroma ® 500g Crushed

CaraAroma ® 500g Crushed£1.56

Coopers Lager Beer Kit

Coopers Lager Beer Kit£10.92  (1)

Gervin Ale Yeast GV12

Gervin Ale Yeast GV12£1.44

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits£46.98  (5)

Plastic Hydrometer Jar

Plastic Hydrometer Jar£3.36

Protofloc Tablets, 15 Pack (Protafloc)

Protofloc Tablets, 15 Pack (Protafloc)£2.40  (1)

Tartaric Acid 100g Granules

Tartaric Acid 100g Granules£3.84

Yeast Nutrient 100g

Yeast Nutrient 100g£1.62  (1)

Alcotec Re-Start Yeast£1.60

Dried Active Yeast 100g

Dried Active Yeast 100g£1.74  (2)

Super Wine Yeast Compound

Super Wine Yeast Compound£2.76  (3)

3 ltr jug - Home Brew

3 ltr jug - Home Brew£4.32

Bad Cat Imperial Red - Bulldog Beer Kit

Bad Cat Imperial Red - Bulldog Beer Kit£23.76  (1)

Beaverdale Merlot Wine Kit, 5 Gallon

Beaverdale Merlot Wine Kit, 5 Gallon£39.42  (3)

Coopers Brew Enhancer 2

Coopers Brew Enhancer 2£6.00

Coopers DIY Lager Starter kit

Coopers DIY Lager Starter kit£65.40  (3)

Coriander Seeds 100g

Coriander Seeds 100g£1.44

Crown Caps - Red

Crown Caps - Red£2.28

Drum (knob Type) Tap

Drum (knob Type) Tap£4.98  (2)

Lactose 500g

Lactose 500g£3.56

Magnum Medium Dry White Wine Kit

Magnum Medium Dry White Wine Kit£18.72  (1)

Magnum Rose Wine Kit

Magnum Rose Wine Kit£18.72

Muntons Beer Enhancer 1kg

Muntons Beer Enhancer 1kg£4.74

Nylon Bottle Brush

Nylon Bottle Brush£2.16

Roasted Barley Malt Crushed

Roasted Barley Malt Crushed£1.20  -  £4.98

Safbrew S-33 Beer Yeast

Safbrew S-33 Beer Yeast£1.68

Super Major Airlock

Super Major Airlock£1.20

Wine and Beer Isinglass Finings

Wine and Beer Isinglass Finings£1.68  -  £4.08  (1)

Brewferm Bottle Filler

Brewferm Bottle Filler£3.30

Campden Tablets 100 Pack

Campden Tablets 100 Pack£3.00  (2)

Cap Washer for 2'' Lid's

Cap Washer for 2" Lid's£1.08

Champagne Stoppers, 25 pack

Champagne Stoppers, 25 pack£3.00

Coopers Crown Caps

Coopers Crown Caps£2.30  (2)

Coopers Pet Bottles 24 x 500ml

Coopers Pet Bottles 24 x 500ml£9.90  (4)

Crown Bottle Caps - Purple£2.28  (1)

Flaked Maize 1kg

Flaked Maize 1kg£2.28

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Page 1 of 14:    1,384 Items

Random item
Thursday, 15 November 2018  |  Peter

Excellent service and will be shopping here again.
Many thanks for your help.

Malt & hops order
Monday, 12 November 2018  |  Shane

Arrived in good time, with all of my order present and for a reasonable price. Ingredients were well packaged and the hops looked and smelt fresh when I used them. Will order again.

VWP steriliser
Thursday, 25 October 2018  |  Malcolm

Have used it for several years has never let me down

Prohibition gin kit
Monday, 22 October 2018  |  James

Excellent service , easy to order and delivered in a timely manner.
Thank you

California Connoisseur- Cabernet Sauvignon 5 gallon wine kit.
Monday, 22 October 2018  |  Mark

Excellent items.
Excellent service.
Well packed.
Very fast delivery thank you.