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Hop Bag - Muslin

Hop Bag - Muslin£0.36

Brewing Sugar 1kg

Brewing Sugar 1kg£1.98  (1)


Airlock£0.90  (2)

Cellar 7 Wine Kits

Cellar 7 Wine Kits£31.80  (1)

Lalvin Champagne Yeast - EC-1118

Lalvin Champagne Yeast - EC-1118£1.26  (2)

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits£46.56  (5)

Safale US-05, Beer Yeast

Safale US-05, Beer Yeast£2.58  (1)

Vienna Lager Malt 500g Crushed / Milled

Vienna Lager Malt 500g Crushed / Milled£1.44  (1)

Home Brew Gift Voucher

Home Brew Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £300.00  (8)

On The Rocks Cider Kits

On The Rocks Cider Kits£16.50  -  £16.74

Rubber Bung for Demijohn Bored

Rubber Bung for Demijohn Bored£0.54  (2)

VWP steriliser 400g

VWP steriliser 400g£4.56  (2)

Wine and Beer Isinglass Finings

Wine and Beer Isinglass Finings£1.68  -  £4.08  (1)

Yeast Nutrient 100g

Yeast Nutrient 100g£1.62  (1)

5 ltr jug - Home Brew

5 ltr jug - Home Brew£6.48

Campden Tablets 100 Pack

Campden Tablets 100 Pack£3.00  (2)

Nylon Bag - Ultra Fine mesh 24'' x 24''

Nylon Bag - Ultra Fine mesh 24" x 24"£6.00  (1)

Rice Hulls Briess® 200g

Rice Hulls Briess® 200g£1.20  (1)

Tronozymol 200g

Tronozymol 200g£4.21

Coopers Crown Caps

Coopers Crown Caps£2.30  (2)

Gervin GV1 Universal Yeast

Gervin GV1 Universal Yeast£1.08

Bulldog Brews Cider Kits

Bulldog Brews Cider Kits£21.72

Coopers Lager Beer Kit

Coopers Lager Beer Kit£10.92  (1)

Crown Caps - Gold

Crown Caps - Gold£2.28

Harris Beer Brite

Harris Beer Brite£0.90

John Bull Best Bitter Beer Kit

John Bull Best Bitter Beer Kit£12.90

Muntons Beer Enhancer 1kg

Muntons Beer Enhancer 1kg£4.74

Pectolase Pectin Enzyme 90g

Pectolase Pectin Enzyme 90g£1.92  (2)

CaraRed malt 500g Crushed

CaraRed malt 500g Crushed£1.38

Champagne Stoppers, 25 pack

Champagne Stoppers, 25 pack£3.00

Chocolate Malt Crushed

Chocolate Malt Crushed£1.20  -  £4.98

Magnum Pinot Grigio Wine Kit

Magnum Pinot Grigio Wine Kit£16.56  (1)

Super Wine Yeast Compound

Super Wine Yeast Compound£2.76  (3)

Wheat Malt Crushed / Milled

Wheat Malt Crushed / Milled£1.08  -  £4.50  (1)

Champagne Bottles 75cl x 12

Champagne Bottles 75cl x 12£15.00

Coriander Seeds 100g

Coriander Seeds 100g£1.44

Lalvin White Wine Yeast - D47

Lalvin White Wine Yeast - D47£1.26  (1)

Maris Otter Pale Malt Crushed

Maris Otter Pale Malt Crushed£1.20  -  £33.00

Protofloc Tablets, 15 Pack (Protafloc)

Protofloc Tablets, 15 Pack (Protafloc)£2.40  (1)

Safale S-04, English Ale Yeast

Safale S-04, English Ale Yeast£2.28  (1)

Brupaks Real Ale Yeast

Brupaks Real Ale Yeast£1.32

Coopers Carbonation Drops

Coopers Carbonation Drops£3.00  (1)

Crown Bottle Caps - Orange

Crown Bottle Caps - Orange£2.28

Crown Bottle Caps - Purple£2.28  (1)

Magnum Medium Dry Red Wine Kit

Magnum Medium Dry Red Wine Kit£16.56  (1)

Magnum Rose Wine Kit

Magnum Rose Wine Kit£16.56

Mini Keg Bung

Mini Keg Bung£0.90  (1)

Nylon Bottle Brush

Nylon Bottle Brush£2.16

Plastic Hydrometer Jar

Plastic Hydrometer Jar£3.36

Potassium Sorbate 40g

Potassium Sorbate 40g£1.62

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon£1.74

Still Spirits Turbo Clear

Still Spirits Turbo Clear£1.58

Wine Tannin 50g

Wine Tannin 50g£1.98  (2)

Youngs Harvest Stout Beer Kit

Youngs Harvest Stout Beer Kit£10.98

10 Ltr Wine Dispenser / Bag In Box

10 Ltr Wine Dispenser / Bag In Box£4.80  (1)

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Page 1 of 15:    1,416 Items

French Oak Chips
Tuesday, 10 July 2018  |  Colin

Have had good results on my liquor but not happy with taste.
Have used the Oak chips for taste..
Two days in soak.. Just had to have a taste ( as you do ). Pleased with taste reminds me of grants. Will monitor for taste 😇😇

John bull IPA
Thursday, 5 July 2018  |  Colin

Best available price & availability.

alls well
Wednesday, 27 June 2018  |  Peter

not ready yet but bubbling nicely

Excellent results
Thursday, 31 May 2018  |  Geoffrey

Been using Tom Caxton regularly for years with outstanding results.

Good kit
Thursday, 31 May 2018  |  Geoffrey

Been using this kit for a long time (adding .75kg sugar) with great results.