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Safale S-04, English Ale Yeast

Safale S-04, English Ale Yeast£2.28  (1)

Brewing Sugar 1kg

Brewing Sugar 1kg£1.98  (1)

Cellar 7 Wine Kits

Cellar 7 Wine Kits£31.98  (1)

Maris Otter Pale Malt Crushed

Maris Otter Pale Malt Crushed£1.20  -  £35.40

Plastic reseal - natural

Plastic reseal - natural£0.08

Gervin Ale Yeast GV12

Gervin Ale Yeast GV12£1.44

Harris Beer Brite

Harris Beer Brite£0.96

Safale US-05, Beer Yeast

Safale US-05, Beer Yeast£2.58  (1)

Coopers Lager Beer Kit

Coopers Lager Beer Kit£10.92  (1)

VWP steriliser 400g

VWP steriliser 400g£4.56  (3)

Pilsner Malt Crushed

Pilsner Malt Crushed£1.38  -  £39.00

Alcotec Spirit Base Kit

Alcotec Spirit Base Kit£8.88  (1)

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits

Kenridge™ Classic Wine Kits£46.98  (5)

Nottingham Ale Beer Yeast, 11g pack

Nottingham Ale Beer Yeast, 11g pack£3.84  (1)


Airlock£0.90  (2)

Flaked Barley 500g

Flaked Barley 500g£1.32  (1)

Magnum Medium Dry White Wine Kit

Magnum Medium Dry White Wine Kit£18.72  (1)

On The Rocks Cider Kits

On The Rocks Cider Kits£16.50  -  £16.74

Rice Hulls Briess® 200g

Rice Hulls Briess® 200g£1.20  (1)

WineBuddy Merlot Wine Kit 30 Bottles

WineBuddy Merlot Wine Kit 30 Bottles£22.20  (1)

Yeast Nutrient 100g

Yeast Nutrient 100g£1.62  (1)

Chocolate Malt Crushed

Chocolate Malt Crushed£1.20  -  £4.98

Dried Active Yeast 100g

Dried Active Yeast 100g£1.74  (2)

Gervin GV13 Cider Yeast

Gervin GV13 Cider Yeast£1.08

Mini Keg Bung

Mini Keg Bung£0.90  (1)

Munich Malt Crushed

Munich Malt Crushed£1.50  -  £6.30  (1)

VWP steriliser 100g

VWP steriliser 100g£1.62

1 ltr jug

1 ltr jug£1.48

3 ltr jug - Home Brew

3 ltr jug - Home Brew£4.32

Alcotec Vodka Kit

Alcotec Vodka Kit£13.68

Australian style Blend, Merlot Wine Kit

Australian style Blend, Merlot Wine Kit£30.72  (1)

Courage Directors Beer Kit 36 Pints

Courage Directors Beer Kit 36 Pints£22.68  (1)

Crown Caps - Gold

Crown Caps - Gold£2.28

Crown Caps - Red

Crown Caps - Red£2.28

Protofloc Tablets, 15 Pack (Protafloc)

Protofloc Tablets, 15 Pack (Protafloc)£2.40  (1)

Roasted Barley Malt Crushed

Roasted Barley Malt Crushed£1.20  -  £4.98

Rubber Bung for Demijohn Bored

Rubber Bung for Demijohn Bored£0.60  (2)

Safbrew WB-06, Wheat Yeast

Safbrew WB-06, Wheat Yeast£3.18

Waxed Wine Corks, 100 pack

Waxed Wine Corks, 100 pack£7.50  (1)

Wheat Malt Crushed / Milled

Wheat Malt Crushed / Milled£1.14  -  £4.44  (1)

Wine and Beer Isinglass Finings

Wine and Beer Isinglass Finings£1.68  -  £4.08  (1)

5 ltr jug - Home Brew

5 ltr jug - Home Brew£6.48

American Amber Ale Beer Kit

American Amber Ale Beer Kit£22.80  (1)

Brupaks Real Ale Yeast

Brupaks Real Ale Yeast£1.32

Campden Tablets 100 Pack

Campden Tablets 100 Pack£3.00  (2)

Cantina Pinot Grigio Wine Kit

Cantina Pinot Grigio Wine Kit£31.44  (2)

Crown Bottle Caps - Orange

Crown Bottle Caps - Orange£2.28

Geordie Mild Beer Kit

Geordie Mild Beer Kit£10.20

Home Brew Gift Voucher

Home Brew Gift Voucher£5.00  -  £300.00  (8)

John Bull Lager Beer Kit

John Bull Lager Beer Kit£12.90

St. Peters IPA Beer Kit

St. Peters IPA Beer Kit£19.44

Youngs Harvest Stout Beer Kit

Youngs Harvest Stout Beer Kit£11.34

10 Ltr Wine Dispenser / Bag In Box

10 Ltr Wine Dispenser / Bag In Box£4.80  (1)

American Oaked Rum Ale Beer Kit

American Oaked Rum Ale Beer Kit£22.80  (1)

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Page 1 of 14:    1,368 Items

Great Yeast
Sunday, 17 February 2019  |  Ian

First time iv used a Smack pack and I was impressed, yeast got to work real quick and the beer smells amazing and fruity, well purchase again. Excited to see how the beer turns out

Lalvin Bourgovin
Sunday, 10 February 2019  |  David

Great results - exactly what I want. Will order more in future. Thanks.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019  |  Chris

As always a very efficient and speedy service.

Saturday, 12 January 2019  |  Bernard

Too early to comment on product.
Delivery of both kits was prompt and no problem

massive pot
Monday, 31 December 2018  |  Bob

best pot ever, done the job I needed it to do over the holiday and will again once the apple juice season starts..