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Alcotec ReStart Super Yeast

Alcotec ReStart Super Yeast
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Alcotec ReStart Super Yeast

For stuck fermentations

Restarting fermentations that somehow not started or stuck after some time can be very difficult because of the amount of alcohol in the brew.

Most wine- and turbo yeast cannot handle anything but very low alcohol levels unless they were present in the brew from start so adding a normal yeast will probably kill it if you have a half fermented wash or wine.

This is where the Alcotec Restart Yeast comes in, it can do the trick in up to 7% alcohol solutions (as long as there is some sugar left of course).

Notice that the restart yeast is not designed for beer fermentations, it is the wrong yeast (Saccharomyces cerivisae) to use for beer brewing.

Restarting difficult fermentations

Alcotec Restart Yeast is especially developed to be able to restart difficult fermentations which may have either not started, or started but stuck after a while.

When to use a restart yeast

If your fermentation has gone on for a while but then stuck too soon, you will have some alcohol in the brew.

This is a problem if you want to add another yeast as the alcohol in there will likely kill the next yeast when you add it, at least if it is above 2-3% abv.

Even a wine yeast strain has to get used to the surrounding alcohol and if you add it to a half fermented brew, straight out of the sachet, it simply won't stand a chance to survive.

You can only add a nomal wine yeast straight out of the sachet if fermentation didn't start at all, or only just.

The traditional option for half done fermentations is to make a small culture by using some of the brew, say 1 litre, but dilute with water and sugar (to get lower alcohol and to make sure there is enough sugar), then add your new yeast, then wait a while for this to start, then inject this into your main brew.

The Alcotec Restart yeast is designed to handle some 7-8% alcohol straight out of the sachet so it save you doing the culture in most cases.

How much alcohol have I got in my brew?

You need to be sure you have not got more than some 7% alcohol, or the Restart Yeast will not work.

As a rule of thumb: For every 8 units on a hydrometer your brew has fermented (down), you have got 1% of alcohol.

So if your brew started at say 1075, you can use a restart if it stops somewhere in the interval 1075 -- 1019 (that is a drop of 56 units max = 7%).

If you haven't got a hydrometer, or if you didn't record your start value? Well starting s.g. is usually around 1070-1085 so just guess 1085 as the worst case (for alcohol) and then check current gravity (if you have a hydrometer). If you have no clue and no hydrometer - you can probably use the restart yeast if it is less than 2 days from you tried to start fermentation.

After that, you will need to taste the brew and it it tastes of alcohol and it's more than 2 days since your start, it is borderline if the restart yest will work. But we recommend that you get a hydrometer, it is really worth having one.

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