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Home Brewing Hops

Home Brewing Hops

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Saaz Hops 100g

Saaz Hops 100g£3.24

Chinook Hop Pellets 100g

Chinook Hop Pellets 100g£4.56  (1)

Galaxy Hop Pellets 100g

Galaxy Hop Pellets 100g£5.16  (1)

Crystal Hops 100g

Crystal Hops 100g£4.08

Magnum Hops 100g

Magnum Hops 100g£2.88

Chinook Hops 100g

Chinook Hops 100g£4.32

Motueka Hops 100g

Motueka Hops 100g£4.98

Aurora Hops 100g

Aurora Hops 100g£2.52

Bramling Cross Hops 100g

Bramling Cross Hops 100g£3.12

East Kent Goldings Hops 100g

East Kent Goldings Hops 100g£3.66

Hop Bag - Muslin

Hop Bag - Muslin£0.36

Columbus Hops 100g

Columbus Hops 100g£3.84

Hop Pellets Challenger 100g

Hop Pellets Challenger 100g£2.88

Hop Pellets Saaz 100g

Hop Pellets Saaz 100g£3.24

Hull Melon Hops 100g

Hull Melon Hops 100g£3.84

Northern Brewer Hops 100g

Northern Brewer Hops 100g£2.88

Nugget Hops 100g

Nugget Hops 100g£3.36

Palisade Hops 100g

Palisade Hops 100g£4.14

Sorachi Ace Hops 100g

Sorachi Ace Hops 100g£6.24

Target Hops 100g

Target Hops 100g£3.24

Wai - iti Hops 100g

Wai - iti Hops 100g£6.24

Aramis Hops 100g

Aramis Hops 100g£3.12

Boadicea Hops 100g

Boadicea Hops 100g£3.12

Bobek Hops 100g

Bobek Hops 100g£3.36

Brewers Gold Hops 100g

Brewers Gold Hops 100g£2.70

Bullion Hops 100g

Bullion Hops 100g£4.56

Centennial Hop Pellets 100g

Centennial Hop Pellets 100g£6.00

Citrussy Hop Aroma Oil 5ml

Citrussy Hop Aroma Oil 5ml£3.96  (1)

Cluster Hops 100g

Cluster Hops 100g£3.36

Columbus Hop Pellets 100g

Columbus Hop Pellets 100g£3.36

Dana Hops 100g

Dana Hops 100g£2.70

Dr. Rudi Hops 100g

Dr. Rudi Hops 100g£3.96

First Gold Hops 100g

First Gold Hops 100g£3.12

Flower Aroma Oil 5ml

Flower Aroma Oil 5ml£3.42

Flyer Hops 100g

Flyer Hops 100g£3.12

Fusion Hops 100g

Fusion Hops 100g£3.36

German Cascade Hops 100g

German Cascade Hops 100g£4.38

Green Bullet Hops 100g

Green Bullet Hops 100g£4.50

Herkules Hops 100g

Herkules Hops 100g£3.84

Hop Pellets Goldings 100g

Hop Pellets Goldings 100g£3.24

Hop Pellets Target 100g

Hop Pellets Target 100g£3.12

Hoppy Hop Aroma Oil 5ml

Hoppy Hop Aroma Oil 5ml£3.96

Isomerised Hop Extract 100ml

Isomerised Hop Extract 100ml£7.20

Junga 100g Hops

Junga 100g Hops£3.36

Kazbek Hops 100g

Kazbek Hops 100g£3.84

Kohatu Hops 100g

Kohatu Hops 100g£4.44

Lubeiski Hops 100g

Lubeiski Hops 100g£2.88

Marynka Hops 100g

Marynka Hops 100g£3.36

Mount Hood Hops 100g

Mount Hood Hops 100g£4.80

Northdown Hops 100g

Northdown Hops 100g£3.54

Pacific Gem Hop Pellets 100g

Pacific Gem Hop Pellets 100g£4.95

Perle Hops 100g

Perle Hops 100g£3.00

Pilgrim Hops 100g

Pilgrim Hops 100g£3.00

Pioneer Hops 100g

Pioneer Hops 100g£3.96

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Page 1 of 2:    113 Items

Home Brewing Hops