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All Grain Equipment

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Hop Bag - Muslin

Hop Bag - Muslin£0.36

Adjustable Malt Mill - Bulldog

Adjustable Malt Mill - Bulldog£95.40  (3)

Jug 4 Ltrs

Jug 4 Ltrs£4.45

5 ltr jug - Home Brew

5 ltr jug - Home Brew£6.48

Heating Element for Boiler

Heating Element for Boiler£24.00

Mash Tun 42 ltr

Mash Tun 42 ltr£72.00

3 ltr jug - Home Brew

3 ltr jug - Home Brew£4.32

30 ltr Lauter Mash Tun

30 ltr Lauter Mash Tun£39.60

Bazooka 5.5'' Screen

Bazooka 5.5" Screen£6.30

Blichmann AutoSparge™

Blichmann AutoSparge™£57.96

Blichmann ThruMometer™

Blichmann ThruMometer™£26.16

Brewferm Digital Boiler

Brewferm Digital Boiler£319.92

Brupaks Boiler

Brupaks Boiler£147.00

Deluxe All Grain Mashing Setup

Deluxe All Grain Mashing Setup£380.00

Deluxe Mash Tun

Deluxe Mash Tun£90.00  (1)

Drill Pump

Drill Pump£72.00

FastFerment™ - Stand

FastFerment™ - Stand£33.48  (1)

FastFerment™ - Thermometer

FastFerment™ - Thermometer£15.96  (1)

FastFerment™ Conical Fermenter

FastFerment™ Conical Fermenter£84.96  (4)

Gas Hose, 2 metres

Gas Hose, 2 metres£3.96

Grain or Must Scoop

Grain or Must Scoop£7.32

Grainfather Cleaner 500g

Grainfather Cleaner 500g£9.78

Grainfather Micro Pipework

Grainfather Micro Pipework£23.40

Mash Tun 26 ltr

Mash Tun 26 ltr£57.60

Peco Digital Electric Boiler

Peco Digital Electric Boiler£107.52  (1)

Peco Electrim Boiler

Peco Electrim Boiler£76.44  (1)

Power Lead for Element

Power Lead for Element£4.00

Propane Gas Regulator

Propane Gas Regulator£4.92

Spare Sterile Filter

Spare Sterile Filter£3.84

Sparging Bag / Mashing Bag

Sparging Bag / Mashing Bag£8.64

Stainless Spoon 24''

Stainless Spoon 24"£9.60

Stainless Steel Air Stone

Stainless Steel Air Stone£6.00

Stainless Steel Coupler 1/2''

Stainless Steel Coupler 1/2"£2.40

Stainless Steel Lauter Tun

Stainless Steel Lauter Tun£246.24

Stainless Steel Tap Kit

Stainless Steel Tap Kit£24.00

T Bazooka Screen

T Bazooka Screen£9.00

Waterproof Pen Digital Thermometer

Waterproof Pen Digital Thermometer£14.64  (1)

Wort Airator

Wort Airator£29.40

Wort Chiller 1/2'' Copper Tube

Wort Chiller 1/2" Copper Tube£63.36

Wort Chiller Brupaks

Wort Chiller Brupaks£57.48


Page 1 of 1:    97 Items